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0771-218 218

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Zero star as a starter Swebus service was very poor and overpriced in my own experience. But the worst of all is the following From Stockholm to Copenhagen, Swebus dropped me in Goteborg central bus station around 8:00 pm to wait four hours for my 1:45 connection to Copenha. That lay over time was tolerated until the station announced suddenly the closure of their gates at 1:15 and the security guards come to kick us out to the cold. No friction of the hands or Jumping Jack Flash moves would help you escape the imminent freezing outside that train station. But there Taxis taking the line, if you care hire one for thirty minutes ride hoping that their car heat is functional. Hey Swebus, all you should humanly have done to care for your customer is to warn me in advance about the closures, which is your responsibility. I would then have booked my trip to Goteborg to kill the night in the hotel warmth, and you would still have made that $90.00 you charged for Stockholm-Copenhagen. Keep in mind I haven\'t even yet talked about the state of your buses and the lack of customer service etc...

2016-04-23 18:35:00